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Revolutionary way of CNC Handheld Laser Welding

Available 06/2021 - Laserwelding for small and medium series of NON-Tolerance parts!


ACTIVE WELDING DEFECT REDUCTION for small and medium series

Imperfect parts perfectly welded with our Wobble-Serve-Cube

Perfectly weld imperfect parts with Wobble Serve-Cube

Have you doomed yourself to antiquated inspection processes and less reliable automated welding cells producing poor confidence in your part quality, possible recalls, and based on the judgment of the inspector, part quality variances? Meanwhile your market continues to place higher premiums on the quality of your parts. By automating your welding process with our Wobble SERVE-CUBE you can gain full confidence that you are producing high quality goods for your customers.

SERVE CUBE welding can compensate for a range of inequalities in parts when welding. Variations include differences in thickness, changes in coatings and thickness, part fit, weld force, shunting, and weld gun/electrode deterioration. 

Part quality is very important in all manufacturing industries and by inspecting every part during the welding, errors, faults, and poor quality products are prevented, saving you from recalls and other liabilities and reducing costs. This also gives your customers better confidence that they are receiving a dependable product from you at a competitive price.


WOBBLE "SERVE" CUBE -R-Series: RAM Type CNC Laser Welding Machine

The most flexible one : Holding Size with Tight Tolerances for untoleranced Parts


Available 06/2021

Picture of machine under production