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CNC laser welding : finally accesable for every workshop!

WOBBLE CUBE: Affordable CNC laser welding machines with wobble function integrated

Laser Welding of Pillow Plates

Laser Welding of Pillow plates

Low cost automatic Production of pillow plates

Pillow Plates, also called dimpled plates or thermo plates, consists of two stainless steel sheets that are laser welded together by welding a custom circle weld pattern. Then the plate is inflated by using water pressure, which creates a specific single or double embossed profile – the pillow plate, through which the cooling or heating is conducted. The thickness and the spot pattern are determined by the pressure requirements.

PillowPlate or dimpled jacket plates

Laser welded cooling plates

The wobble cube is able to produce PillowPlates which can be used for a large range of products, such as; heat exchangers, filter housings, falling film, square containers, cooled containers, offen walls, climate chambers, ice accumulators, pipes, heated or cooled vibration feeders and in cylindrical tanks, as well as in tanks of other shapes and designs, for example rectangular or oval ones. They can also be used for various industries for example food and beverage industries and other food-making and process industries. The surface can be brushed, polished or sandblasted. Possibilities are endless because you can produce every weld pattern shape and any required plate shape can be welded or engraved. The PillowPlates can be single or double embossed plates.

Laser Welding of Schaft with Splines

Shaft Spindle Laser Welding

Fiber wobble laser, high precision servo control, four-axis three-linkage

By the help of the through the thru the lens CCD monitoring system, we can realize rapid teaching programming for fast parts changing. Optimal for single piece, small series and big series!

Wobble CUBE: Shaft spline laser welding

4 Axis with CCD positioning for fast programming