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Ready made Units for laser welding integration in automatic production lines

Wobble-L+: Laser welding units for Line automation - 1 -2 - 3 kW Wobble welding

Precise and Continuous Tube Welding

The Wobble-L+ provides high integrity, oxidation-free, low HAZ seam welds on carbon and stainless steel continuously-formed tubes with wall-thickness from 0.7 to 4 mm. 

The high-efficiency fiber laser welding process is till 10 times more energy-efficient and faster than traditional CO2 techniques or TIG-MIG-MAG and Induction.

Laser Welding with Wobble function, while the optional integrated seam tracker ensures accurate weld placement and very high processing yields.

Because the laser is maintenance free, with no complex alignment required, maintenance and set-up times are minimized, further increasing production output.

Significant productivity gains

Lasermach provide full predefined units to replace any conventional welding system on any robot or automated machine.

Laser welding is an unknown or unexplored option for many manufacturers with automated welding applications, but it is just as easy to implement as other robotic welding systems. The fast travel speeds and low heat input of laser welding makes it especially well-suited for sheet metal welding applications that require precision and attention to aesthetics.

For operations now using MIG, TIG or resistance spot welding, a switch to laser welding can significantly improve productivity — saving time and money while still producing high-quality welds.  Implementing our Wobble-R units in your exisiting Robot welding linne is a piece of cake.

Replace your exisiting Welding unit by our Wobble-L fiber laser welding unit


Automated production lines now include flexible manufacturing that provides the ability for robots to work on different types of products in the same workcell. Flexible production lines enhance the set-up investment longevity, maximize the space, increase productivity, and enable increased manufacturing volume. 

These ingenious flexible production lines are being installed across the globe, bringing a variety of benefits such as as being able to process multiple variations of a part without manual changeovers. Typically, product revisions require a good deal of additional floor space; flexible production lines remove any need for additional equipment for product revisions. We simply replace exiting welding units by our wobbleR+ units and bring your production to new heigths of quality, speed and economical savings.

This allows the same line to manufacture two different versions of a particular component in the same cell. A minor change in parameters no longer would require the part to be manufactured in a different cell or a manual intervention.  Different parts could flow through the same line, uninterrupted, with alternate programs being detected and run in real-time. This means that your existing line could process revised parts while also continuing to manufacture the legacy version. 

Flexible manufacturing lines also provide for routing flexibility which is the ability for multiple robots to perform the same application on the same part. At Lasermach, we offer customized solutions for multi-robot workcells based on product requirements. 

Furthermore, these flexible production fiber laser lines provide for more flexibility when there are necessary changes to the product volume. Any application, no matter the size of the robot, will have improved speeds with robots, allowing them to handle higher volumes and adjust more easily to changes. 

The sky is the limit; no matter the size of your company. Bringing ultimate flexibility and a variety of configurations to your production line is possible with the right tools and experts. Experts at Lasermach are ready to find a creative solution for you and bring your business to its full potential with a flexible manufacturing line. . 

Seam Welding Machines

Auto Longitudinal Seam Welder fiber laser replacement welding unit

Longitudinal Seam Welding Machines fiber laser adaption kits

This machine is specially designed to weld the straight seam of the cylinder, hot-water heater, drum, and square container.
With Wobble-R fiber laser unit, the welded seam is flat and straight with a good weld penetration and weld quality.

The procuctivity increases with minimum 400%

High quality, productive longitudinal seam welding calls for the utilisation of advanced, superior technology. Our Wobble-R® longitudinal seam welders laser welding replacement Units provide unsurpassed technology for welding of longitudinal metallic seams.  This enables us to us to protect and expand our market position despite increasingly fierce competition.