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Robotic/Cobotic solutions for laser-welding


Robots and Laser Welding, the Perfect Fit

Wobble-R+: ready made Laser Welding Modules with adjustable welding width for Robot and machine integration

Wobble-R: Laser Welding for robot - Laser Welding for cobot

Fiber Laser Welding packages robot-ready from 1 till 3 kW to build on Robots, cobots and automated machines

Wobble Laser Welding Packages for Robot and machine integration

Pre-engineered laser welding units for robot cells are turnkey solutions for manufacturers or robot integrators who need to advance their capabilities for the future by automating welding processes to increase competitiveness, quality, and profitability.

The main advantage of laser welding is the speed and precision

In addition to speed and precision, laser welding offers high productivity, new construction possibilities and cost savings.

In our activity, we definitely focus on 'LASER', using modern laser sources of various types and applications.

We offer tailor-made solutions as well as ready-made devices and production stations.

Automation and robotization of laser welding processes make up the greater part of our design portfolio.

Significant productivity gains

Lasermach provide full predefined units to replace any conventional welding system on any robot or automated machine.

Laser welding is an unknown or unexplored option for many manufacturers with automated welding applications, but it is just as easy to implement as other robotic welding systems. The fast travel speeds and low heat input of laser welding makes it especially well-suited for sheet metal welding applications that require precision and attention to aesthetics.

For operations now using MIG, TIG or resistance spot welding, a switch to laser welding can significantly improve productivity — saving time and money while still producing high-quality welds.  Implementing our Wobble-R units in your exisiting Robot welding linne is a piece of cake.

The base model R has a single robot interface suitable to most of the robot brands.

Our Wobble R-units suits following Robot brands














Omron / Adept 


and more

Robot-Ready laserwelding Machine

 Fiber laser Welding Machines for Robot, cobot and automation

The Wobble-R line of fiber laser welding products are configurable and based on a modular design, allowing you to meet changing market demands to ensure future competitiveness.

Wobble-R Vision : Fiber laser wobble welding integration unit for robots with vision

Cobot welding – Automation is easier than expected

Laser Welding automation

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