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Which Laser Source must I choose for laser welding? What type of laser source do i need to buy to weld my product?

Do I need a Continue Wave laser welding Machine or a Modulated pulse laser welding Machine?

For different needs there are different lasers.

Continous, mode-locked, pumped, Q-switched, MOPA, pulse modulated, pulsed, parametrically generated, polarized, excimer lasers…. many, many different lasers.

One of the most used classifications of lasers is continous/pulsed wave (CW/PWM) lasers

A CW (Continious Wave) laser operates in a steady state regime. That means a steady input of power gives a steady output. A pulsed laser gives an pulsed output of light.

  • The welding parameters normally associated with continuous wave lasers are laser power, beam diameter and welding speed.
  • In pulsed wave lasers the parameters used are energy, beam diameter and pulse duration.

For every laser you can deffine two different output powers. The peak power and the average power. 

There are two interconnected things. The output power and ease of functioning. And they are linked together.  It depends on the use of your laser. Sometimes what matters most is the delivered total energy, sometimes it is the power (how fast you can deliver the energy), beam coherence, beam uniformity, and much more.

For different needs there are different lasers.

Why is peak power important? Because while the average power is the amount of work a laser can perform (amount of energy capable of delivering), the peak power is able to overcome a treshold. With laser actions, most things require some minimum power to happen. Laser abblation, welding, cleaning, cutting, non-linear effects… it all require a minimum power, it all has to pass a treshold before it starts happening.

You do NOT have to choose anymore with our Wobble6-PRO+!

Our Wobble6-PRO+ can do both: Best of both worlds. Continue wave welding and modulated pulse welding, our laser welding machine can do it all!

We have developped the most high Tech laser Wobble Welding controller on the Market available today!

Our controller offers extreme precise Laser Welding capability with a perfect finish of every job!

Controller with smart Welding Technology database integrated!

Never forget a special welding parameter setting anymore

  • Welding Technology Database available with recommended settings for most of the materials
  • Keep special jobs with special settings in the memory under a name you give! 
  • let the controller advise you and you can do the fine tuning to make the welding even better adapted to your specific job
  • Super fast changeover to another welding job
  • Save or select your different materials optimal settings with one fingertip.

Continious Wave Laser welding: optimal seam welding

  • CW Laser Welding Machine has the characteristics of continuous precision welding of various materials which is optimal for seam welding, assembly welding,..
  • in combination with our Wobble technology you can weld virtually everything metal

Modulated pulse laser welding: perfect pre-assembly

  • Fully digital controlled Single Pulses from 0 to 1000msec 
  • Optimal for fixing components before welding, 
  • mould repair, super thin material welding, 
  • pointwelding with identical welds for perfect assembly

Advanced parameter settings: optimized Laser welding!

•Every aspect of your welds can be adjusted set by the parameters to give you the very best result. 
•Extreme possibilities of Finetuning to be able to run your Wobble laser welder like a winning F1-pilot. 
•Ramping, pregas, aftergas, continious welding, modulated pusle welding, woblle speed, wobble dimension, wobble form, wobble frequency, puls speed, pulse length, single pulse welding, multi pulse welding, etc

Control you laser welding machine with ONE fingertip!

Our Wobble 6-PRO Welds better than any other laser Welding Machine

New PPW- technology : Perfect Pulse Welding

Fully programmable pulse from 1 to 1000 msec with up and down-ramping

Super High Precision Pulse welding for assembly jobs

Fully programmable from 1 till 1000 msec pulse!

Battery Welding with a mili-second programmed pulse with up and down ramping

Fish Scale Welding: New Fish-Scale function included for automatic Fish-Scale Pattern welding

Automatic Fish scale pattern function included in our new Wobble6-PRO+ Laser Welding Machine

How to weld fish scales with handheld laser welding machine

Fish scale welding represents the highest level of welders in the industry and, of course, with the highest salary.  As a matter of fact, it is not difficult to understand fish-scale welding, because the surface after welding looks like fish-scale.  Fish scale welding is also known as continuous spot welding. 

The handheld laser welding machine has the characteristics of multiple light emission modes, including fish scale welding.

Fish scales welding is the most professional technique, the shape is beautiful, it’s anti-oxidation for no oxide inside of the materials, nor other  harmful air, and it can bear heavy force, frame welded by this technique is a guarantee for long time use.

I believe that many welders praise those masters who can weld beautiful fish scale patterns. Comparing this requires certain skills and experience.

However, the fish scale pattern can be easily welded with a handheld laser welding machine. Next, let's first understand the various light emitting modes of the handheld welding machine: