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Wire-feed control from welding torch

Best of both Welding Worlds

Autogenous and additif Welding combined in one

Autogenous laser Welding: laser Welding WITHOUT Weldingwire in-feed

  1. Materials are joined without the addition of extra materials which requires the highest level of fixturing and joint preparation. Since no material is added, it is necessary for the materials to be welded to remain in intimate contact during the welding process. Any significant separation of the materials can result in an unacceptable weld profile or complete failure of the welded joint. Wobble6-PRO+ prevent this failure in big proportion to happen with it's adjustable wobble technology!
  2. Good Fixturing of the parts to ensure consistent fit-up of the weld joint is a key to successful fiber laser welding. An important benefit of fiber laser is welded joints with exceptional beautifull cosmetic appearance. In some cases, these welds are almost perfectly blended with the surrounding material. Depending on the fixturing and joint fit-up, some welds may have small amounts of concavity (which may not be acceptable for product designs that require fatigue properties similar to those of the base material) or convexity. Again Wobble6-PRO+ avoid this 2 in normal laser welding appearing problems!

Additive Laser Welding: Laser Welding WITH Welding Wire in-feed

Material is added to the weld jointusually in the form of metallic wire (cold wire).

Three reasons for adding material to the weld are:

  1. Weld Seam fit-up: By adding extra material, the joint becomes more tolerant to joint non match. Acceptable welds may be produced from joints with less than perfect fit-up.
    Weld geometry: Addition of filler metal is used to control the shape and size of the weld. Maintaining a crown (convex surface of the weld) creates a reinforcement which is important for joints requiring mechanical strength and fatigue life in the overall product’s design performance.
    Dissimilar metals: Filler metal is added to facilitate welding of dissimilar metals and alloys which are otherwise metallurgically incompatible.

Wobble6-PRO+: Standard equipped with our Wobble-Drive2 high precision wire feeder.

WOBBLE-DRIVE2 – precise wire feeding for professional welding seam results

Perfect Laser Welding with our Wobble6-PRO+: Standard equipped with a High Precision Double wheel Drive Servo Wire feeder

The new wire feeding unit WOBBLE-DRIVE2 of Lasermach equipped with the special 4-roller drive (2 + 2) offers a constantly precise wire feeding for manual and automated laser welding. With the intuitive menu guidance in the welding Torch, individual settings of wire feeding are simple. The detailed customization possibilities to each welding task lead to an optimal result.

Together with the Wobble6-PRO+ Laser Welding Machine, the wire feeding unit WOBBLE-DRIVE2 forms the ideal system for welding long seams in a time-saving, comfortable and process-safe manner.  The wire feeding system can be easily adapted to various welding processes via customized wire guides.

Digital Welding Wire feeding system is Standard built in with our Wobble6-PRO+

Twin drive of welding wire for higher precision - fits multiple diameter wires: 0,8 till 1,6mm

The advantages of the compact and robust WOBBLE-DRIVE2 at a glance:

  • Wire speed adjustable from 0.2 to 8.0 m/min
  • Fine adjustment of wire speed in steps of 0.02 m/min
  • prepared for wires of 0,8 - 1,0 - 1,2 - 1,6mm 
  • 2 driven wire feeding rolls for minimal slippage and maximum feed constancy
  • Fully integrated into welding system Controller
  • Full digital motor control - speed - forward - backward - retract
  • Individually customizable wire retraction
  • Finely adjustable interval function to define the seam shaping and optics
  • Standard remote controller (potentiometer or up/down) – for automated laser welding
  • Single standard low voltafe connection / quick coupling