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Handheld Laser welding Machines for metals

Welding metal with Light - Welding metal with Photons

Today, welding is an innovative mounting technique that is used in all areas. While the technique itself is widespread, some of its processes are not yet as well known and underused. Laser welding falls into that category and, despite its false reputation as a complex process, offers many unparalleled advantages in terms of speed, technology and costs.
Compared to traditional manufacturing processes such as resistance spot welding or conventional ARC welding, Fiber Laser Welding offers easy operation, very simple to learn with a fast learning curve, improved energy efficiency, smaller ecological footprint, lower maintenance requirements, less enviremental contamination, improved machine lifetime and faster cycle times for high-volume production.
Consequently, the processing speed is maximized; material costs and operation costs are minimized.
The precision provided by fiber lasers is particularly useful for manufacturers switching to precise, thin-walled and lightweight designs made of light or very resistant materials. Significant weight reduction is achieved by minimizing the size of parts and components via fiber laser welding, while safe engineering is fully enabled by wobble-beam fiber welding.


Wobble-PRO+-Series: Your most clever investment!

The Advantages of Laser Wobble Welding Over MIG, TIG and Arc Welding

Laser welding is an extremely precise, fast and high energy welding technique.


Class A++

Energy saving has become a priority for welding industry. This is due to the recent increase in energy demand and constraints in carbon emissions. Increasing environmental demands from governmental and customers strain the importance of reducing the environmental pollution while welding. Therefore, the minimum energy-oriented green welding process is must. Wobble Laser Welding (WLW) is considered to be the most significant development in metal joining and is a “green” technology due to its energy efficiency, environment friendliness, increased speed, reduced postprocessing and cleaning, and versatility. As compared to the conventional welding methods, WLW consumes considerably less energy.

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PhotonWeld© with EcolEner© Technology

The Best and most ecological Portable LaserWelder on the market today - Class A+++

PhotonWeld: A+++

Our newest EcolEner 975nm Energy saving technology takes this important task of energy saving ONE GIANT STEP FURTHER:

PhotonWELD © with EcolEner© Technology enhances Lasermach’s corporate sustainability programs as it is designed to enable a more environmentally friendly welding process offering very low electric consumption, low fume generation, low noise operation, and a drastic reduction of consumables, post processing clean up and reduced scrap disposal.

With our New PhotonWeld© High Efficient Laser Welding Machine with the revolutionary EcolEner® Energy Saving Technology based on 976nm pumping Technology, we are able to increase the Wall Plug Efficiency to levels over 42% (WPE).
This results in a 40 % higher efficient use of the electricity and
an energy consumption reduction till 30%
compared to normal laser welding machin

Lasermach's EcoLener series offers a new, unparalled level of reliability. The EcoLener® series is perfectly suited for applications that cannot tolerate any downtime or service intervention. PhotonWeld® laser Welding Machines with EcoLener® high Efficient Laser Sources mark another ‘first’ for the company, in providing the highest efficiency, most reliable industrial lasers available.

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Due to the small spot size of the laser, the heat input is typically 200 times lower than with MIG, TIG or arc welding processes.

Due to this VERY HIGH Concentrated Heat input, our Wobble Laser Welding Machines create almost NO Heat Affected Zone (HAZ) resulting in almost NO deformation of the workpiece.

Which weld do you prefer: the left or the right one?

Which weld do you see in YOUR factory: left or right one?

How is Wobble Laser Welding better than Arc-Welding (MIG/TIG)?

What are the main benefits from Wobble laser welding compared to TIG welding

The wobble method produces a superior weld by greatly reducing imperfections, increasing consistency, reducing material cost and providing more tolerance for process variables.

The welds produced using the laser stir welding (LSW) process, in general, exhibited a wider fusion zone than the welds produced without beam manipulation.

Laser welding is an extremely precise, fast and super high concentrated energy welding technique.
Lasers beams can be focused and aimed with the exceptional accuracy required to weld the smallest devices.
Laser can also deliver the tremendous amounts of power required to weld even large spacecraft parts. 
Laser welding is a versatile, powerful and easy automatable process.
Laser does create beautiful welds from a metallurgic and an aesthetic perspective and is very cost-effective.

Wobble-PRO+ Series: a class above the rest!

How we make welding eco-friendly!

Our Handheld Laser Welding Machines

PhotonWeld Wobble-PRO+ ---- NEW!!

Most portable and most ecological Wobble Laser Welding Machine in the market


till 1500 Watt CW High Power

Peak Pulse Power 2800W

Air cooling inside

EcolEner high energy saving Technology Inside

Consumes minimal 20% less energy than the other Laser Welding Machines


<62kg total weight

10m Fiber Cable

High speed Wobbling

6 Welding Modes

With a special welding mode for reflective materials

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Our Very Best Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Wifi distance controller on torch.

Fully Control of your welding machine and wire feeder on the torch with one finger


+ Pulsed Welding

+ Cutting

+ Cleaning

Super high Speed servo motors

Digital wirefeeder included

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Wobble5-PRO+ High Power

Most Powerfull Handheld Wobble Laser Welding Machine in the market

Superior power for laser welding 

3000 Watt pure laser Power

In Certain materials
we can reach 12 mm deep welding
with 2 sides welding !


Your most clever investment for Power Welding!

Our Robot/Cobot ready laserwelding packages

Wobble-6R-PRO+: NEW!

Ready made Laser Welding Packages for Robot/Cobot and automation

Adapts on every NEW and OLD ROBOT/COBOT

Simple installation
Ready Made for any automation
Power till max 6KW
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Affordable CNC Laser Welding Machines

Laser Welding Increases drastically your ROI (Return-On-Investment)

A Production Cost Reduction of 70% or more is possible with Laser Welding

SUPER HIGH ROI with Laser Welding


For most laser welded sheet metal parts, the weld quality and the speed of processing are far superior to conventional welding processes, and this ultimately results in increased profit margins. If you consider the complete sheet metal fabrication process (i.e. cutting, bending, punching and welding), welding and refinishing affect approximately 70 percent of the cost per part. This is mainly due to the length of time required and the high consumption costs associated with these processes. These main cost drivers are reduced by laser welding’s consistent quality and cosmetic seams. Our adjustable Wobble Function increases this consistent welding quality and boost the cosmetic perfect result to the highest level.

Since sheet metal fabricators benefit from the laser welding process in various ways, the ROI varies based on the production requirements of the shop. However, a laser welding cell can achieve a very high return on investment based on typical calculations. For example, pay-off time is roughly 7 to 9 months when a fabricator processes parts like covers and boxes, or fixtures such as counters and sinks for the medical or food service industries. This is true even when machine utilization is less than 50 percent and only active one shift per day.

Drastic reduction of the ecological footprint of fabrication when using laser welding.

We face two major challenges in the 21st century:

digital transformation and ecological transition.

We face two major challenges in the 21st century: digital transformation and ecological transition.

Ecological transition is an essential objective for humanity.

Digital technology is one of the greatest transformative forces of our time.

Lasermach is continuously working to use its innovative optical technology to develop breakthrough products while minimizing its environmental impact. 

Committed to reduced energy consumption.

Carbon Footprint drastic reduction

Industrial fabrication, and the welding process in particular, is a highly energy intensive process involving the consumption of large quantities of gas, electricity and consumables. 

Laser welding consumes as little as 1/20th of the energy and gas consumed by TIG/GTAW for the same weld, dramatically reducing the carbon footprint of our customers.

Lasermach is committed to the development of technologies which reduce energy consumption, improve the sustainability of our industry and improve occupational health and safety.

PhotonWeld Wobble-5+

PhotonWeld : "THE" reference for Ecological "Real" Portable laser Welding !

Photonweld-Wobble5+: NEW!! - Super Intelligent Real Portable handheld Laser Welding System

Ecological and Economical : consumes minimum 20% lass energy than any other Laser Welding Machine

Our PhotonWeld Wobble5+ real portable high Intelligent Laser Welding  System is specially developed for complex and High-Tech real portable handheld laser welding applications. Really simple and easy to operate, no technical knowledge required. It is a multi-functional application system, which is able to control the laser power, frequency, ramping, pre- and aftergassing, pulse- or continue mode and it has a variety of welding functions suitable for spot welding scenes, pulse welding, cleaning, cutting and seam welding. The beam can be adjusted with a width of 0,2-4mm, suitable for welding with complex, High-Tech and irregular workpiece. Simple workpieces are also done much faster and better!

PhotonWeld-Wobble-5+: Three models : PhotonWeld-A850 ® & PhotonWeld-A1100 ® & PhotonWeld-A1600 ®

PhontonWeld ® Serie is an ecological responsable portable fiber laser handheld welder based on the revolutionary EcolEner 976nm pump technology,

The currently offered laser welding equipment in the market today is mainly a water-cooled solutions. Their heat is taken out of the laser through the external coolant circulation of the chiller with big ventilation system.  PhotonWeld ® Series focuses on generating less heat in the first step and then reduce the lost energy for cooling.  Our super high photoelectric conversion efficiency of 976nm EcolEner-technology Creatively solved this problem. Generating minimal 20% less heat than any other laser source in combination with high efficient inverter driven optimalized air cooling system, creates a real sustainable welding machine with high ecological and economical advances compared to any other laser welding machine on the market.

We launched the the air-cooled 976nm technology for the first time in the industry, which generatges the drastic reduction of the  power consumption and creates perfect portability, and with this winning combination we take the lead in the technical development direction of fiber laser handheld welding Machines.

PhotonWeld Wobble-6PRO+

PhotonWeld : "THE" most intelligent Portable laser Welding system!

WOBBLE-6PRO+ ® Series - NEW!!

The killer of electric welding and argon arc welding

Handheld fiber laser welding offers a fast, economical and contact-free alternative for welding a wide variety of metals in virtually every industry. Whether you require, high processing speed, complex weld geometries or multi-layer joints, our new Wobble-6PRO+ provides unique solutions for a diverse range of welding applications.

WOBBLE-6PRO+: Intelligent double Wobble handheld fiber laser welding machines

The first laser welding torch with full distance controll

Welding with and without wire infeed - Adjustable width of welding - Super High Speed Wobbling - Cutting function

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FULL CE Laser Welding Machines at Affordable Prices - Not only the most safe but also the best and most equipped Laser Welding Machines in the Market

How thick can we weld with a handheld laser welding machine?

Sample of 8mm stainless steel laser welded from 2 sides with 2kW laser source at 1800 Watt and 0.8 Wobble diameter

Wobble-Plus-PRO: Full CE Safety certified Handheld Laser Welding Machines

Equiped with all CE requested Safety accesoirie-connections as standard

  1. Laser beam Emission indicator + external emission warning indicator control
  2. Remote interlock connector with Multi safety interlocks:
  3. Nozzle contact interlock 
  4. Door contact (external) interlock
  5. Foot pedal (dead’s men pedal) interlock (opt.),
  6. Hardware Key control lock
  7. Internal and external double wired emergency stop (opt.)
  8. Failsafe start-stop control
  9. Remote start-stop function for external Fume extractor 


Our Wobble fiber laser welder gives you back the POLE position!

Comparison Welding: We beat them ALL

Comparison welding

Traditional welding

Laser welding

Wobble-PRO+ laser welding

Heat input to the workpiece
Very high
Very Low
Deformation of the workpiece, undercut
Very Small
Bond strength to base metal
Very good
Follow up treatment
Rarely need polishing
No need or rarely need polishing
Welding speed
More than 2~4 times arc welding
More than 2~4 times arc welding
Applicable material
Stainless Steel, Carbon steel, Galvanized sheet
Stainless Steel, Carbon steel, Galvanized sheet, brass,..
Stainless Steel, Carbon steel, Galvanized sheet,brass,...
More consumables
Less consumables
Less consumables
Operation difficulty
Very easy
Operator safety
Safety is VERY High
Environmental protection impact
Not environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly
Environmentally friendly
Welding fault tolerance
Wobble/Swing welding
Spot width adjustable
Welding quality comparison
Very Good

Safety and Health

No words needed here!


Where do you want to work?

Where does your team want to work?

Full CE Certified

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