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NEW: Wobble5-PRO-Plus - HP: Available 08/2022

Our most powerfull Handheld Laser Welding Machine: 3kW laser Welding Power

WOBBLE-5PRO-Plus-HP set the standard for high power handheld laser welding

Superior power for laser welding : 3000 Watt pure laser Power

Lasermach Handheld Wobble-5PRO+HP Fiber Laser Welding Machine is a new type high-power, high-end continuous welding tool which adopts a high power-quality fiber laser source to a maximum of 3000 Watt to produce a stirring fiber optic beam that can reach a depth till 12 mm;

Wobble5-PRO+HP: Your most clever investment for Power Welding!

High Power Handheld Laser Welding Machine

3000 Watt manual laser welding

On general demand by several customers for high laser welding power we develloped and do offer the most heavy and powerfull handheld laser welding machine available : 3kW Continious laser Welding Power.

In Certain materials we can reach 12 mm deep welding with 2 sides welding !



How thick can we weld with a handheld laser welding machine?

Sample of 8mm stainless steel laser welded from 2 sides with 2kW laser source at 1800 Watt and 0.8 Wobble diameter

Our New Wobble5-PRO+ is able to handweld till 12 mm stainless steel welded from 2 sides.

Far More Cost-savings

Respect the enviroment better than any other welding machine

With the small footprint design and its electro-optical conversion efficiency which is higher than 35%, and it's maintenance-free concept,( laser source is designed to resist more than 100.000, hours lifetime) our Wobble laser Welding machine is far more costeffective and far superior to other types of lasers of the same power. We have adopted the international standard optical fiber QBH output head and international standard serial port controls. The chiller is installed with a filter, which is safe and environmentally friendly, 4% more energy-saving and more durable, and stable working performance with longer service time than before.time than before.

Start Earning GOOD money With our NEW WOBBLE-PRO-Plus Series

Full CE Certified