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Wobble-6PRO+ : most safe and secured Handheld laser Welding Machine on the Market

Wobble6PRO+: a class above the rest

Our Wobble-6 PROPlus Series, which is based on our existing wobble Plus Series, was completely re-engineered and upgraded with as Target to be the best and most safe Laser welding machine on the market:

  • The smallest sized with the biggest power (62% smaller size than wobble+ Series and even smaller compared to other makers)
  • The most energy efficient of the market (14 % less energy consumption for same power output = big savings)
  • The only portable Continuous Wave Laser Welder, fully designed in Europe. 
  • The first and only portable laser welding gun with digital display with full laser and wire feed control with one fingertip in the torch!
  • The Safest handheld laser welding machine respecting on all following CE regulations: EC 2006/42/EC - EC 2006/35/EU - ISO 12100 P1&P2 - ISO 13857 - ISO 13849-1 - ISO 13850 - ISO 14119 - ISO 11145 - ISO 11553-1 - ISO 11553-2 - EN 60204-1 - EN 60825-1
  • Active Emission indicator of Laser beam + external emission warning indicator control
  • Remote interlock connectors with Multi safety interlocks:
    • Nozzle contact interlock,
    • Door contact (external) interlock, with auto laser stop
    • Foot pedal (dead’s men pedal) interlock (opt.)
    • Key control lock
    • Double wired external emergency stop connection
    • Failsafe start-stop control
    • Automatic External fume suction start/stop connection
  • 10 m double protected fibre cable to reach the most far corners of your workpiece

Remote interlock connector with Multi safety interlocks:

  • nozzle contact interlock,
  • door contact (external) interlock,
  • foot pedal (dead’s men pedal) interlock (opt.),
  • key control lock,
  • internal and external emergency stop (opt.)
  • Failsafe start-stop control
  • external fume extraction unit automatic start stop function

Laser beam Emission indicator + external emission warning indicator control


We learned a lot from the response of our customers and took our whole team to redesign our succesfull WOBBLE+ fiber laser Welding machine. Besides complete new cabinet, an improved cooling sytem, another interface for the operator, reduced size, and more simple, we arranged the welding gun with double protected fiber cable to be stored away in the cabinet. Easy transport, clean and neat and increased lifetime (estimated + 100.000hours)  with the new revolutionary ergonomic wobbling welding torch!

Complete new design - CE Confrom - SAFETY Level 4