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WOBBLE-3 ® Series

The killer of electric welding and argon arc welding

Handheld fiber laser welding offers a fast, economical and contact-free alternative for welding a wide variety of metals in virtually every industry. Whether you require, high processing speed, complex weld geometries or multi-layer joints, our Wobble-3 provides unique solutions for a diverse range of welding applications.

Simply adjusting laser beam stir welding diameter

Adjust the Wobble diameter in seconds!

WOBBLE-3: We offer best of both worlds in ONE machine!

Two Classes Of Fiber Laser Welding For Different Product Design Needs In ONE Machine

Autogenous Welding: 

  1. Materials are joined without the addition of extra materials which requires the highest level of fixturing and joint preparation. Since no material is added, it is necessary for the materials to be welded to remain in intimate contact during the welding process. Any significant separation of the materials can result in an unacceptable weld profile or complete failure of the welded joint. Wobble-3 prevent this to happen!
  2. Fixturing to ensure consistent fit-up of the weld joint is a key to successful fiber laser welding. An important benefit of fiber laser is welded joints with exceptional cosmetic appearance. In some cases, these welds are almost perfectly blended with the surrounding material. Depending on the fixturing and joint fit-up, some welds may have small amounts of concavity (which may not be acceptable for product designs that require fatigue properties similar to those of the base material) or convexity. Again Wobble-3 avoid this problems!

Additive Welding:

Material is added to the weld joint usually in the form of metallic wire or powder. Three reasons for adding material to the weld are:

  1. Joint fit-up: By adding extra material, the joint becomes more tolerant to joint mismatch. Acceptable welds may be produced from joints with less than perfect fit-up.
  2. Weld geometry: Addition of filler metal is used to control the shape and size of the weld. Maintaining a crown (convex surface of the weld) creates a reinforcement which is important for joints requiring mechanical strength and fatigue life in the overall product’s design performance.
  3. Dissimilar metals: Filler metal is added to facilitate welding of dissimilar metals and alloys which are otherwise metallurgically incompatible.

Our new Wobble-3-Plus fits even a "Lady's" hand

Ergonomic as never before - Also for LEFT hand use!

Wobble 3 + comes with an exclusive Universal laser welding torch support with magnetic base

Fiber laser handheld laserwelding machine with adjustable welding width

Dual use laser welding laser cutting machine for thin materials

Full CE Certified

Welding Cable double protection layer with easy zip-off cover for easy cleaning or maintenance

Welding torch and Welding cable nicely and safely hidden from dirt and grabbing fingers

Wobble 3Plus comes standard with exclusive magnetic welding torch holder

Hold the torch with or without wire feeder and fixes on your welding table with magnets in seconds